Wednesday, 28 August 2013

VLE Upgrade

This Summer saw significant work take place to improve both our College and Learning Unlimited VLE systems.  Server side work (performed by ICT Services) has included the installation of a new version of the Moodle software that powers the VLE, and the deployment of a new process for ensuring that future update work can be take place with the minimum of impact to users.  The Learning Resources team have worked on changing the College VLE to better reflect the new College and Directorate curriculum structures. Work is continuing with this, along with the testing and development of new functionality and tools that the update has provided.
We hope that the work will improve and enhance the experience that users enjoy when using the VLE as many of the changes relate to improved efficiency (e.g drag and drop file uploads).
The link below goes to a course space with information about some of the most significant developments from the update.

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