Monday, 3 February 2014

If You Go Down . . .

. . . to the Library Learning Centre, you’re in for a big surprise! 

Well, maybe not all that big since it has been there for several weeks now, whilst software bugs have been ironed out; but if you've not been down to the Library Learning Centre lately, you won’t have seen that three of the PCs along the back wall have disappeared, only to be replaced by the hi-tech looking mass of metal you see below:

“What is this impressive looking machine?” I hear you ask. Suggestions have included a server rack and a left luggage locker! 

Well, it’s a self-service laptop safe! And what’s that? Basically it’s a locker containing 36 Samsung laptops that students can self-issue and use anywhere around the college. Yes, that’s right, anywhere around the college! You’re not restricted to the Library or the Library Learning Centre. Any student can borrow a laptop using their student I.D card (having your card will be essential) and the loan is for a maximum of four hours.

For more details ask staff in the Library, or any of the Learning Centres.

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