Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Study Skills Apps

Yesterday I put a call out on two of the JISC Mail lists (ILT-RSCEM and DIS-Forum) asking which apps people recommend to support students with their studies. As their website explains JISC Mail helps groups of individuals to communicate and discuss education/research interests using email and discussion lists. If you want to know something such as 'what apps are useful for...?' or 'have any other colleges successfully used video creation as part of a hair and beauty assessment?' then the JISC Mail list, along with visiting the TEL team would be a good place to start.

The response I received from the lists was fantastic and I’ve collated the apps in a mind map below.

If you would like support with exploring how these apps work, or if you'd like to discuss how they can be used to support teaching and learning please contacted the TEL team over in the iSpace.


For a larger view of the image please click here 

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