Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Printing/Publishing eILP Progress Reports

Printing/Publishing eILP Progress Reports

Staff no longer have to open the 2X server and access the ProMonitor Admin Utility to be able to batch print or publish Progress Reports. 

Previously Personal Tutors would have accessed the ProMonitor Admin Utility available on 2X to print out Progress Reports when complete and approved to be sent/published.

This can now all be done from the ProMonitor webpages.

Please view the video below to see how this can be done and/or follow the outline instructions that follow.

To generate progress reports for whole groups from either the Student Group page (purple) or the Tutor Group page (green).
Select “Progress reports” from the left hand side then select the “View all students” button.

You are then directed to a page with a drop down list of template options that present the comments and also bring together attendance information, SMART Targets, Target grades and Markbook information (if selected).

The “Print” button produces a PDF version of the report for all students in the group that you can then print or save.

If you have the correct permissions set up within eILP you will also see a “Publish” button that allows you to publish a pdf version of the report into the individual student’s eILP view in ProPortal.

Heads, Curriculum Managers and staff they have nominated will have permissions to Publish reports and will see the Publish button – if you think you should be able to Publish and cannot, please ask your CM or HoL to request this by emailing/calling the TEL team.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the TEL team on ext.1549 or email LT@chesterfield.ac.uk

We also have a playlist of other helpful video guides on our youtube page click the following link: Chesterfield College Learning Technology Blog

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