Friday, 27 February 2015

DRIVR Voice overs and half a car!

The DRIVR simulation is racing to its first fully-playable build. Rowanne and Joe handed in their voice-over files and scripts and Andy has been hard at work animating their digital counterparts. The work the students have contributed to the project has earned them a Distinction in their project assignment too!
Their work is below and forms a part of DRIVR’s marketing campaign:

Equally exciting is the parallel work going on in Auto/Body, the students and staff have put together a display for open events which will double-up as a kind-of ‘arcade’ housing of the DRIVR sim when complete, check it out:
So what’s next?
A beta version of the simulation will be complete by the end of March, testing will take place to identify any show-stopper issues, then the simulation will be experienced by existing and prospective students. We can’t wait to get it out into the Heart Space.

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