Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Online Staff Training Course – VLE Assignments

TEL has been trialling a new capture/delivery platform called Panopto and this is our first resource designed using it!

Here are the Learning Outcomes for this self-paced session:
 After this session you will:
ü  Understand fundamentals of Turnitin plagiarism-checking assignments
ü  Understand fundamentals of PooDLL  media based assignments
ü  Understand fundamentals of Standard Moodle assignment submission
ü  Be able to add and configure the different assignment types to your Moodle course

You will be assessed via:
ü  Adding an assignment gateway to your course
ü  A multiple choice Moodle quiz

The course can be accessed from the VLE under:
 Resources > Staff Area > Technology Enhanced Learning > Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Or by following this link:

We aim to keep Panopto as one of our core support systems and when this has been agreed we will be developing much more content for it and opening up opportunities for delivery and support staff to create their own.

More info to follow soon.

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