Tuesday, 28 April 2015

VLE Upgrade Features and Improvements


The new features and improvements to the VLE will enable more efficient and smooth use of the system while retaining a familiar look and layout. 

Please see some of the major improvements below:

Improved Grader report

A simple but high-impact change, the new features of the Gradebook vastly improve its usability. The grader report is now functional across all devices with smooth scrolling. Cells can be quickly edited without reloading and column and row headings are frozen so you won’t get lost as you scroll. The Grader looks great when full screen too.

New Theme

The College VLE theme has been completely redesigned to ensure compatibility with most modern devices. The theme’s styling is similar to the one previous but should scale across screen sizes even better than before and all issues with text/background contrast have been remedied.

Text autosave

The Atto text editor will automatically save your text as you type, keeping your content secure before you publish it, so if you accidentally back out of the page you’re working on Moodle should put your work back in place when you return!

Mathematics improvements

Atto features a new mathematical equation editor, producing TeX with a WYSIWIYG interface without needing Java. This means it works everywhere, even tablets and phones. We've also added a new MathJax filter for displaying mathematical equations beautifully, without needing any special server setup. Learn more

Improved Assignment features

Control when to notify students of feedback via a checkbox when grading individual students.
Teachers can now be assigned permissions to edit or delete student submissions.
Set a word limit, and comment and edit directly on students' online text assignments.
Easily keep track of student submissions via filters in the Assignment grading table.

Easily create and manage Quiz & Question bank

As well as an updated question type selector, duplicating and moving questions is now easier, and there is an option to 'Save changes and continue editing'. Quiz reports have been improved and the Essay question now allows students simply to add an attachment with no accompanying text. 

Create better customised learning paths with enhanced Conditional Activities

Enhancements to this widely used teaching feature in Moodle include an improved, streamlined interface, as well as added support to enable restricted access with "or" conditions and use nested restrictions for complex access criteria.

New user menu 

A new user menu gives quick access to personal pages such as My home and profile settings.

Additional files for assignments

Teachers can now attach files for students when setting up assignments, such as example submissions or answer templates. See Assignment settings.

Help and Support

If you require training, help or support using the VLE or any Technology Enhanced Learning platform please contact the TEL team via:

01246 500 500 (ext. 1549)

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