Friday, 16 September 2016

EQUAL Online Learning System - Important information for Students

Over the Summer of 2016 there has been some important changes made to the EQUAL system that holds online learning packages such as Prevent, Essentials & Business Essentials.

The first change is that you no longer need to enter your email address and password to log into the EQUAL system, if you are logged into the college VLEs and see the 'EQUAL Auto Log-in block' (see image below), clicking on the block will let you straight in to EQUAL to see your online learning packages without being troubled for a username or password.

There's also been changes made to the Essentials & Business Essentials online learning packages, the new "Chesterfield" versions of these packages now provide completion certificates for each section, so you no longer need to complete a full unit before being being able to download a completion certificate!

The new versions of the Essentials & Business Essentials packages are now titled 'Essentials - Chesterfield' and 'Business Essentials - Chesterfield' these should be used by all new students.

As these are new versions of the packages, if you are a student who is returning to college you may have earlier versions from the previous year, which will appear beside the new versions (see image above).

If you have already started work on the old Essentials & Business Essentials packages you will need to continue using the old versions if you wish to add to the work you have already completed and to achieve a unit completion certificate.

If you did not use the old packages last year, or only wish to complete certain sections/topics then you can do this on the new versions.

Any work done on the new versions will not be linked or contribute towards work completed on the old versions.

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