Friday, 9 September 2016

What has happened with ProMonitor over the Summer?

What has happened with ProMonitor over the Summer?

New Guides:
The TEL Team have been busy creating many new and updated help guides for the eILP to help staff make the most of ProMonitor. There are many videos and PDF guides which can be found by clicking here and viewing the VLE page.

The video guides cover the basic things you need to know when first starting out with the eILP, you will learn how to find your group & add yourself as a tutor and you can also see how to set up the Markbook Student Group Type Rules etc.

Useful guides for this time of year include:

New Student Group (Profile) Notes field:
ProMonitor now has a new 'Notes' field on all student groups, which can be used to add information that provides a general overview of the group and any particular characteristics that relate to their teaching and learning. (please see screenshot below)

New BTEC Versions:
Some curriculum areas are continuing the use the old 2010 versions of the BTEC suite of qualifications for another year.  These will continue to use the Student Group Type Rules that they have selected and used in previous years e.g. QCF L3 Extended Dip (180 credit).

Curriculum teams starting to use the new 2016 BTEC specifications that are based on guided learning hours rather than credit, will need to develop a new Markbook to match the new unit titles, content and different assessment methods used in the new schemes.  We have Student Group Type Rules ready for these qualification e.g. BTEC Ext. Dip (2016 Spec) but work will need to be done to structure new Markboolks (see this guide document for details).  CoMs and CPLs undertaking this should contact the TEL team by emailing  for guidance in applying the correct functionality.

Changes to UCAS Tariff Points:
UCAS has made significant changes to the point system it uses for student starting university from September 2017.  The point previously allocated to BTEC qualification are now still of the same value but use a numerically lower numbers.  There is also variation in the points for the same grade in a BTEC between some subject areas.  Due to these changes the UCAS point predictions will no longer appear in the MArkbook.  
Students are now advised to visit the UCAS website and enter their qualification and predicted grades into the online calculator to get the most reliable forecast of the tariff point they may earn. See for more details.

TEL Support Sessions:
Support sessions to assist staff with questions about either the core proMonitor ILP or Markbook functions are now available again each week - please contact or visit the Workforce Development Calendar for more details or to make a booking.

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