Friday, 2 February 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

This week we are highlighting Safer Internet Day 2018 to encourage and support safer use of the Internet.
Two simple things that you could do to further improve your awareness of internet safety issues could be:

1. View the 2 minute YouTube video below which has been created by the Safer Internet Day team and aims to raise your awareness about dangers to your online reputation and how it could have a negative impact on your future.

2. If you have not already completed it, Work Through the online Principles of Internet Safety unit available from the online EQUAL platform.  If you're a college student or a member of staff,  Prevent Unit 1 - Principles of Internet Safety is an excellent way to develop your online safety knowledge, This week might be a good time to try and fit this in. 

The online package covers a wide range of internet safety topics including:
    • Features of the Internet
    • How adults, children and young people use the internet
    • Risks associated with using the Internet
    • Staying safe when using the Internet
    • Recognising online propaganda


You can easily access the package by clicking on the EQUAL button available on the homepage of the VLE. This will automatically log you in to EQUAL where you can find your EQUAL Prevent online course.

Please click here to be taken to the homepage of the VLE.

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